At DISC, we value the contribution of all service users, families and carers, partners, stakeholders, commissioners, volunteers and our staff.

DISC’s mission, vision and values

Our Vision is to support people to realise their potential and to help them become a contributing member of society.

Our Mission is to promote social inclusion.

Our Values inform everything we do.

Our Charter of Values 

  • Fairness  – we are committed to equality of opportunity and access for all
  • Integrity –  we are respectful, caring, open, honest and realistic
  • Safety  – we provide safe, welcoming environments for service users and staff
  • Quality  – we strive to deliver services that meet the highest professional standards
  • Effective Engagement – we are committed  to involving our staff, services users and stakeholders and local communities in the planning and development of our services to ensure services are flexible and responsive

Reducing deprivation and exclusion

For over 30 years, DISC has been committed to reducing deprivation and exclusion and to improving people’s well-being. 

DISC is now one of Northern England’s most successful home grown charities. We provide specialist services across the North East, Yorkshire and Humber  and the North West. We offer affordable accommodation as a Registered Social Landlord via DISC Housing  and promote volunteering/employment opportunities through More Time UK DISC’s social enterprise.

About our History

DISC was first listed as a registered charity and company in 1984. We were first called Durham Training and Enterprise and focused primarily on vocational preparation programmes for the young, long-term unemployed in County Durham.

In the late 1980s, we began working with youth and adult offenders.

DISC then led the development of innovative services for people who were homeless through the establishment of ‘accommodation registers’ and independent living support for care leavers.

In 1992, to reflect our broadening footprint, we changed our name to DISC – Developing Initiatives for Support in the Community.

Merger with The Cambridge Centre

The Cambridge Centre, which is based in Scarborough, has merged with DISC. Both charities have been working since the mid-1980s to provide services for the vulnerable and disadvantaged in local communities and have a strong background of partnership and collaborative working. Merging the organisations gives opportunities to further strengthen and develop our work across the north of England.