Upgraded emergency first aid kits

Thursday 18th May 2017

DSC00040DISC Health and Safety Manager St​eve Totty is upgrading safety standards in all our hot food kitchens with the introduction of a first aid kit in the event of anyone suffering burns.

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Steve says: “It’s basically an emergency burns station that we’re going to roll out across the business into any of the premises where we prepare hot food.

“As a caring organisation, we want to make sure we have the right facilities should for any reason any member of staff or volunteer or service user injure themselves while preparing hot food.

“So at least there’s some appropriate medication to deal with it, until we get some proper medical help.”

Steve, who is about to launch new Health and Safety Management System and Fire Management manuals within the organisation, has asked that any DISC staff and volunteers, or service users, who have any health and safety concerns should contact him by phoning our head office in Newton Aycliffe on 01325 731160.