Sheffield Recovery focused accommodation

Providing accommodation and support in Sheffield for those with alcohol and/or substance misuse issues

Accommodation and abstinence based support

The Sheffield Recovery-focused accommodation at  the “The Greens”, provides modern accommodation and an abstinence-based support service for adults who are alcohol and/or substance misusers and who need housing. In all, there are 21 units including a total of five self-contained flats.

Working flexibly to meet people’s needs

the Greens, sheffieldWe work flexibly to meet the needs of the service users. We focus on equipping residents with the skills to move on to independent living in a planned way. We help  them to build recovery capital – their reintegration in the community – and to maintain a stable lifestyle. This service works in partnership with providers of the Recovery Pathway to ensure positive outcomes for the individuals we are supporting.


Shpatio area, The Greens, Sheffieldeffield Recovery focused accommodation provides support to people who:

  • have a primary need for support for alcohol and/or substance misuse
  • have housing-related support needs
  • may have complex needs/ dual diagnosis
  • are willing to engage with the support service
  • are engaged or agree to engage in alcohol and/or substance misuse treatment service
  • are at risk of losing their home/independence
  • need support in regaining independence
  • cannot sustain a tenancy without support

Gold medal for effort at The Greens

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The Greens saved my life     Day gave me hope    I thought I knew it all     I was thrilled

Service Users’ Handbook 2016

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Day to day life

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A safe environment

by Marie Dodds, Project leader

Marie Dodds, The Greens

The Greens is a supported accommodation service for up to 21 adults with Alcohol and/or substance misuse issues who either live in Sheffield or who have a Sheffield connection.

We are a 24 hour staffed service, which means we have staff on duty all the time, This means that we can be there whenever our service users need us to be, but it also means we can engage in more informal leisure activities with the group such as playing bingo and doing quizzes and barbequing in summer.

Random drink and drug testing

We are an abstinence based service which means that all our service users can live in a safe, alcohol and drug free environment.  We operate frequent, random Alcohol and Drug testing which ensures that our service users feel secure in the knowledge that they are not going to be tempted to drink or use drugs.

We offer key working sessions to all our clients on a regular basis but are available for clients at any other time too.  We also have a group work programme which is meant to help people get routine and stability back in their lives and prepare them for future employment, training or volunteering.

Getting involved in the community

The Greens, SheffieldOur groups are run on a regular basis, mostly in the mornings so service users have the rest of the day free to do other things such as volunteering and attending local courses as well as leisure activities.  The staff encourage all our service users to plan and get involved in outside community events as much as possible as this is an excellent way of reintegrating with day to day life.
At the Greens, we have 16 rooms in the main house. All our rooms come fully equipped with furniture and bedding, and all the rooms are en suite which means people don’t have to share facilities.  There is a shared lounge, kitchen, laundry and large garden, and we have a rota for maintaining and keeping the public areas clean.

Self contained flats

We also have five self contained flats. These are useful for people who are further on in their recovery and who will benefit from a further period of support before they leave to move into their own tenancy.  The flats are separate from the main house and have their own secure entrance, each flat has a living room with attached kitchen, and a separate bedroom and bathroom.

Initial assessment

garden, the Greens, sheffieldWhen someone is referred to The Greens, we do an initial assessment preferably at the project so the client can look around and meet some of the other service users.  Once the assessment has been done we will have a panel meeting and then contact both the referrer and the client to offer them a place if they are suitable.  Provided the person is at least 5 days sober and a place is available they could potentially move into the Greens very quickly.  This may take longer if they need to have a detox or we are full and they need to wait for a bed to become free.

The main bulk of the rent is paid by Housing Benefit, however there are ineligible charges for things such as utilities which necessitate a small rent contribution to be paid by the service users.  Service Users are also responsible for buying their own food and clothing etc and for paying their own TV Licences.

When clients are getting to the stage of thinking about moving on they are given support from the staff to apply for suitable housing, and are supported up till the time they leave and move into their own property.

Marie gets enormous satisfaction in being part of people’s recovery journey

Marie Dodds,

18 April 2016