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Hartlepool Journey to Recovery

Project Description

Are you ready to work towards being drug or alcohol free? We can direct you to other services which suit you better right now.  You can always come back later.

Are you ready to give 12 weeks of your time to your recovery journey? Work up a recovery plan with us to help sort you out what’s in the way and how to deal with it.

Are you in stable treatment? See your prescriber to review your script.  Do you need any extra help?

Do you want to be completely drug or alcohol free? Is your general health good? We can help you focus on why you might want to be completely drug/alcohol free.  We will help you address any physical or mental health problems that are getting in the way.

DISC's Hartlepool Journey to Recovery provides what is known as wrap-around support to problematic drug and alcohol users. The project supports those people who want to stop, reduce or control and recover from their drug use. The team help to address psycho-social issues which could impact upon drug-taking and lifestyles. This may include issues around self-esteem confidence, social skills health and housing support. A number of Recovery focused groups are facilitated by the team including:

  • Recovery Group
  • Allotment Activities
  • Freedom Programme
  • Art and Craft Workshop
  • Benzo Support Group
  • First Step to Recovery
  • Walking Group

DISC also provide a range of Complementary Therapies to improve engagement, sleeping difficulties, support with detox and reduction programmes and general well being.

Our confidential harm minimisation service provide information advice and guidance for drug and alcohol users and misusers as with access to our needle exchange service which provides safe and sterile injecting paraphernalia.  The Harm Minimisation team also deliver a number of education and information sessions for both clients, community and professionals on a number of themes including:

  • Basic Drug Awareness
  • Overdose Prevention
  • Legal Highs
  • Image and Performance Enhancing Drugs
  • Blood Borne Viruses
  • Safer Injecting Techniques

What is unique about the service?
Support and encouragement to access community facilities is prominent within our work to promote community re-integration. Service users are at the heart of our work within DISC, and we adopt a client centred attitude. There is an open referral system. Our workers are innovative and proactive in their approach and working styles. The project works in partnership with other key agencies under one roof within a multi-agency setting.

Target Group
Individuals over 18 years old whose drug and alcohol use is problematic, living in the Hartlepool area and who wish to make positive lifestyle changes.


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Referral Form
Hartlepool Journey to Recovery


Whitby Street

DISC, Community Drug Centre, Whitby Street, Hartlepool

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Lynn Street Centre

DISC, Hartlepool Journey to Recovery, Lynn Street Centre, Hanson Square, Hartlepool

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