DISC is fully committed to accessibility and the 2016 NHS Accessible Information Standard. We aim to make our communications on our website and within our various projects as accessible as possible for all our stakeholders.

Our commitment to Accessibility and the new NHS Accessible Information Standard

DISC browsealoud acessibilityThe new browsealoud accessibility  feature on our website is part of our commitment to the NHS Accessible Information Standard.

The “launchpad” is the orange button usually found in the top right hand corner of a page. It stays with you on the screen whichever page you open.
We hope this industry-standard product will make our website – and us – more accessible to all our service users and other stakeholders.

browsealoud benefits

• It helps us make the site easily accessible to people with dyslexia, reading difficulties, visual impairments and to English Language learners
• It gives confidence to site visitors who may lack digital skills
• It complies with legal obligations for website accessibility
• It demonstrates our commitment to inclusion as well as innovation.

The DISC website is already assessed as reaching the required AA web accessibility standard. We’re sure browsealoud will now help us reach the new NHS Accessible Information Standard. Indeed, this NHS page talking about the standard itself uses browsealoud.

How to improve accessibility with browsealoud

It’s best to have a play with it to see its capabilities for yourself.

…but here’s a look at the features.

browsealoud run-through

Just click the orange button and a toolbar opens…

browsealoud toolbar on website for accessibility








Drag the toolbar to where you want it using the right hand button with arrows on it.

Features on the toolbar…

browsealoud text to speech accessibility

Text-to-speech with a choice of reading speeds and highlighters. Just hover over text for it to be read out aloud.




browsealoud translate accessibility
You can translate web pages into 78 languages. And it speaks translated text aloud in 35 languages.




browsealoud settings accessibility


The MP3 generator turns text into audio files so you can listen  offline. You can download an audio file of anything on a page or part of a page. You can then send that on to someone who may be visually impaired or prefer to get info like that.


browsealoud screen mask accessibility


This is the screen mask. It lets readers focus easier on the text being read. It shadows all the screen apart from the paragraph your cursor is on.



browsealoud magnifier accessibility


The on-screen text magnifier helps users with visual impairments.



The web page simplifier removes ads and other dbrowsealoud page simplifier accessibility istracting content for easier reading. The page looks like a word document.




browsealoud settings accessibility


Custom settings so you can adjust, colours, magnifications and sizes to suit yourself.