Council extends funding for the Platform Outreach Project (POP)!

Following on from the success of POP (Platform Outreach Project), the project has received six months’ further funding from Gateshead Council Community Safety.

The POP project was developed within Platform Gateshead as a way to begin to explore how to address substance misuse, anti-social behaviour and risk taking behaviour amongst young people in identified hotspot areas across the borough. During our 3 month pilot (over 11 nights) POP have delivered brief interventions to 191 young people.

POP workers Kirsty Martin and Lyndsy Richardson

POP workers Kirsty Martin and Lyndsy Richardson are delighted

Faye Codling- Project Leader for Platform Gateshead  said: “This additional funding will give our dedicated workers POP workers Kirsty Martin and Lyndsy Richardson  the opportunity to carry on with their fantastic work with young people, engaging in risk taking and anti-social behaviour in the borough of Gateshead. The project will begin again in July 2017.

 Kirsty said: “I’m overjoyed that this fantastic project continues to support young people out in the community.”

And Lyndsey  said: “I’m really pleased that the Community Safety Team and the police are recognising this work and how positive it is for the young people who don’t engage in services.”

Faye added: “Kirsty and Lyndsy have made POP a success with their dedication and passion to support young people.

“I’m very proud of their achievements over the 3 month pilot and I am confident they will provide support and interventions for many other young people over the next 6 months.”