Platform Gateshead’s commitment to the emotional well-being of staff.

The emotional impact of work done at DISC can take its toll on our staff and volunteers. The organisation’s adoption of Better Health at Work strategies is aimed at combating the stress and to help out workers relax when they can.

Faye Codling, Project Leader at Platform Gateshead,  said: “At Platform Gateshead, we recognise that the nature of our work can often impact on our emotional well-being. So, as part of Platform’s objective for Better Health at Work, we have implemented a number of strategies to support us as a team.

“Our Buddy system involves members of staff using an identified buddy in the team to speak to for support if they need an outlet for their feelings.

“And due to the dedication of staff, we’re often guilty of working through our lunch and therefore never having time out in the day. It’s important to have a break and so we’ve now got Lunch space– we have an identified area within the office, between 12-2pm for staff to move away from their desks and have lunch.”

Suggestions from staff also included relaxing candles and chakra crystals within the office which are now also in place. There is a monthly well-being hour –  which involves the team taking part in an activity to support their emotional well-being. This includes activities such as coffee and cake, mindfulness, colouring in for adults etc.

Staff also have the option to spend time down at Platform Planters’ allotment to involve themselves in some physical activity to improve their emotional wellbeing.