Platform Outreach Project’s outcomes against Every Child Matters Framework

Platform Outreach Project (POP)

Outcomes Related to the Every Child Matters Framework

Platform Gateshead’s Platform Outreach Project has published new figures showing its popularity and effectiveness with young people.

Project Manager Faye Codling said: “The staff have delivered some fantastic interventions since the start of the project and DISC are keen to continue to provide Gateshead Safer Communities and Northumbria Police with the project and would like to promote our Tackling Youth Violence Model within this approach.”

POP has delivered brief interventions to 441 Young people (January to October 17) across the borough of Gateshead in almost 11 months. These brief interventions have been based on substance misuse, anti-social behaviour, crime, sexual health, risk taking behaviour, education, family, peers, gangs, weapons and violence, safeguarding, CSE, exploitation and more…

Due to the type of project, we cannot always report the actions young people take following engagement with the POP staff, however we have recently introduced an outcomes recording mechanism to try and capture some of the young people who the staff see more than once and any outcomes linked to their engagement.

Staying Safe

During a conversation about snapchat, two young women stated that due to this conversation they were now going to put themselves in “ghost mode” to avoid people knowing exactly where they are which will help them stay safe.

One young person stated that due to a previous conversation about staying safe, she now ensures her mobile phone is fully charged.

One young person stated she feels she would benefit from one to one support, details were given to young person , although this referral has not yet been made , we will continue to support her to make the self-referral

Seven young people  stated they enjoy the facebook notifications and due to a post that day, they knew we would be out in their community.

One young person disclosed that an older male who works in the local takeaway shop was buying their alcohol for them, this information was fed into the Northumbria police force intelligence mailbox, it was also shared with a social worker from operation sanctuary. This resulted in a police officer interviewing the male and giving him a formal warning.

Be healthy

Two young people stated they now have their tea before they drink due to a previous conversation around the risks of being intoxicated.

Enjoy and achieve

One young person who had previous involvement in Platform Gateshead talked about his positive experience and how he has turned his life around. He is now successfully engaged in an apprenticeship and has stopped using cannabis.

Making a positive contribution

Twelve young people stated that due to our previous conversations, they are now more aware of other members of the public and how they may be perceived , they no try to talk to other people in park and will not use bad language

While completing the gangs and weapons questionnaire, reflected on how they may be seen and how intimidating this could be to member of the public. Five young people talked about spending time in smaller groups

While talking to a group they started to hide their bottles in their coats and bags. We asked a group of eight young people about this and they stated “since you have talked to us, we realise what people might think, we don’t want young kids seeing what we are doing”

A group of 12 young people   took it upon themselves to move to a quieter spot in the park which is away from the play equipment, they stated this was due to the children being in the park, that they did not want them to see what they were doing.

When a young person dropped litter on the floor when she was challenged about this in a positive way, she apologised, picked the wrapper up and put it in her pocket.

A total of seven young people informed us that instead of going to the toilet in a public place, they now go to one of their houses, this is due to previous conversations with the young people informing them that this is a criminal offence and the risks around this whilst being intoxicated.

Seven young people stated they no longer “hang around” in a certain area due to police presence and the effect they were having on local residents.