Celebrating LGBT History Month

Thursday 01st March 2018

DISC Volunteers and staff working on the LGBT Health and Wellbeing project have been busy promoting LGBT History month, with the aim of promoting equality and diversity for the benefit of all.

 Alice Luke, a volunteer working on the LGBT project, said many countries had begun to accept same sex marriage, including Australia, Brazil and Uruguay.

She said: “We really wanted to publicise this and other positive news for LGBT people across the world. It gives people a boost here at home to know that things are changing worldwide.

“To celebrate, we’re using the theme Geography: Mapping the World to look at LGBT life around the globe.”

Alice added: “At DISC, we’re a very pro-LGBT organisation, promoting equal opportunities wherever we can, and doing a lot of positive work through our LGBT project.”

Each February, LGBT History Month is celebrated in the UK with events aimed at reminding people of the struggles and hidden histories from the past. A wallchart illustrating some of the advances made in the UK can be downloaded here.

To read more about LGBT History Month, you can visit the LGBT History Month website where you’ll find news stories, events, and more, as well as their magazine OUTburst.