Don't take our word about the quality of our work. On these pages you;re able to read some testimonials of what our DISC stakeholders think of us.

Peer Mentor ref PJPM1230216
"Coming towards the end of the six week peer mentoring course with mixed emotions really, I will actually miss the course and all the people doing it with me (great group). Although, on the other hand pleased I have finally completed the course as I have been waiting a while for a peer mentoring course to start.
"The group work has been really good as it has made the learning very interesting and I always think it’s great to learn from each other. The teaching of the course has been brilliant, all very clear and at a nice place to learn.
"The role of peer mentor is definitely for me as I feel I have a valuable range of life experience to share when needed. Group work is something I sued to fear but now with the practice gained from the course I am able to get involved in a confident manner. All in all great course and something I am very passionate about moving forward in my own recovery journey. The course has been extremely useful for me and the skills learnt I will take with me into a role hopefully full time at some point.
"We went into policies including health and safety, equal opportunities and confidentiality. This gave me an insight into where and who to go to if I have problems in the workplace."

Peer Mentor ref CDPM1230216
"I have found the peer mentoring course very interesting and it has been something I have wanted to pursue for some time now. We did a scenario on communication skills this really helped me to grow in confidence as I know in the past I would have struggled with things like that. Since doing each session of peer mentor training, I can feel my self-worth, my strengths and hopes for the future growing.
"The first session helped me to consolidate my understanding of the role. Session six was an invaluable session, I have come away knowing that my current strengths are mainly based on a personal basis."

Peer Mentor ref CDPM1230216
"I was keen to learn from this course how to be both professional and supportive as well as actually how to support a service user to make focused, practical changes in their lives. I am good at building rapport and breaking the ice but the session on active listening and the many forms of communication one can use in a mentor/mentee relationship was really valuable to me."

Peer Mentor ref BRPM1230216
"I have learnt a lot on this course and have become a lot more knowledgeable about the role of a peer mentor. I have gained great knowledge on signposting from not living in the area long, I knew of very few services but attending this course has shown me there are lots of different services and education available. The teaching methods have been made very clear and make sure everyone understands them before moving on to another topic.

Peer Mentor ref SRPM1230216
"The peer mentoring course has been both interesting and informative in all its aspects. The course has provided guidelines for the health and safety for all concerned and clearly defined the boundaries for the mentor.
"Hypothetical scenarios have been useful in illustrating how a mentor/mentee relationship may play out and has been valuable in showing possible problems which may arise, they have also helped how to put into practice what has been learnt. I have enjoyed my time on the course. It has been made clear that any questions or problems that may arise can be referred to supervisors or key workers for clarity."

Peer Mentor ref PKPM1230216
"Loved it and learnt so much."

Peer Mentor ref DDPM1230216
"I’ve learnt a lot during this course and will be happy to further my skills in the substance misuse area as a peer mentor. I will be trying to show people how my experiences led me to the place I’m at now, I’m diverse I’m understanding and empathetic.
"I’m looking forward to furthering my education and qualifications so that in the near future I will achieve my goal of becoming a drug worker or something similar.

Peer Mentor ref DTPM1230216
"Before starting the peer mentoring course I was very anxious and nervous. Since starting the group sessions I have felt supported by the tutor and the group. My confidence has grown and I feel more able to use my voice. I just feel I want to give something back as a peer mentor supporting others that are going through what I’ve been through."

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