Partnership Working

Partnership Working is at the heart of how we do things. DISC works alongside Government organisations, local authorities, local business and a host of other agencies, right through to individual service users and carers.

Strong partnership working

To us, multi-agency partnerships are incredibly important. They help deliver integrated services to meet all of a person’s needs. DISC values the additional skills, experience and knowledge partners can bring. Partnership working is embedded in our business model.

Partner with us

If you’d like to talk to us about working in partnership, click here to fill out our partnership form. Or you can email us aqt with your contact information and how we can work together and we’ll get back to you.

Our approach to partnership working

DISC forges ttrong partnerships. Construction site partnersOur services cut across criminal justice, drug and alcohol recovery, learning and employment, housing and support for children and families. But we couldn’t do what we do without working in partnership.

We see everyone who helps to achieve success for our service users as a partner. They may be the service user themselves, their support worker, a parent or friend, our commissioners or organisations we contract with.

Using local knowledge and expertise

We’re committed to meeting the needs of the people who use our services. We’re one of the largest charity providers in the North of England. And we’ve got an established role in social inclusion services. We focus on giving service users packages of specialist support.

Meeting specific needs

Our contract delivery partnerships use local knowledge and expertise. This has the added benefit of helping secure the future of small local organisations. DISC has a strong history of partnership working. As well as partnering with large organisations, we support and giving voice to local organisations who know their communities well.