Calderdale Branching Out

Young Person Substance Misuse Support

Branching Out works with children, young people and young adults who are under the age of 21 and reside in, or are educated in Calderdale.

Branching Out supports young people to make informed choices regarding their drug, alcohol or tobacco use. It offers free, confidential 1:1 structured support as well as brief interventions to anyone at any stage of drug use, from experimental or recreational use, through to dependency and prescribe for those in need of this treatment.

Branching Out also deliver group work through PSHCE and also targeted sessions to those where requested. We offer training to the children and young peoples workforce regarding young peoples substance use, raising awareness and delivering brief interventions.

Branching Out has a dedicated Concerned Others Practitioner, working with parents, carers and siblings affected by a young persons substance use. We offer support on a 1:1 basis, group work and also support restorative advocacy sessions.

We support over 100 service users per annum on a 1:1 basis, and over 1000 through group sessions.

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Branching Out is funded by Calderdale Council