Forward Leeds

Forward Leeds is the alcohol and drug service in Leeds for adults, young people and families.

Part Of the Leeds vision to be a Healthy and Caring City

Forward Leeds supports adults and young people to make healthy choices about alcohol and drugs.  We reduce risk-taking behaviours through dedicated prevention, early intervention and tailored programmes. Our ultimate goal is to support people to achieve and sustain recovery. Forward Leeds is Britain’s biggest multi-agency project to tackle alcohol and drug problems.

We help individuals make positive progress with their lives. Please visit our Forward Leeds website.

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We offer a range of services from 9am-5pm, Mondays and Fridays and 9am-7pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Forward Leeds Services

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Young Peoples Services

  • Education, training and advice to parents/carers, schools and young people’s services
  • Awareness Training for staff in schools,Children’s Centres and other children/young people service
  • Tailored interventions for young people

Prevention and Early Intervention

  • Advice, information and interventions
  • Reducing barriers to accessing support and treatment
  • Awareness Training for local  communities

Recovery Support

  • Services to facilitate and enable people to successfully complete their recovery journey
  • Needle Exchange at all 3 main sites
  • Fast-Track Recovery option – enabling people to complete their recovery journey in 12-16 weeks
  • Active Recovery option – enabling people to complete their recovery journey in 16 weeks-4 years
  • Clinical Interventions including prescribing and detoxification options
  • Hospital In-Reach team to identify and support people whose alcohol and/or drug misuse is contributing to serious health problems
  • Dedicated specialist team to provide support for mental health and substance misuse
  • Specialised Midwives to provide support for pregnant women who use alcohol and/or drugs
  • Housing support into dedicated Recovery Housing
  • Detoxification Housing options and pathways for rough sleepers

Sustained Recovery

  • Enabling people to sustain recovery and make positive progress with their lives with support from our dedicated Sustained Recovery Team and individual Recovery Support Plans
  • Building a sustainable and welcoming recovery community through the Building Recovery in Communities (BRiC) initiatives
  • Leeds Recovery Academy , enabling those in recovery to develop positive life skills including health, housing, communication and employment
  • Peer Mentoring and Volunteering Opportunities to gain confidence and skills to return to the workplace