Horizon Durham Young Adult Carers

Providing transitional support for young adult carers and their families

Horizon Durham Young Adult Carers

Horizon Durham Young Adult Carers provides transition support for young adult carers, between the ages of 14 and 25, and to their families.

We help empower young adult carers to be heard, access services, gain confidence, have choices and enjoy life.

Giving carers a break

conrforth partnershipThe Cornforth Partnership provides a free help line for young people who may find themselves within a caring role and are unsure about what support they can access. The YMCA provides activities for the young people to engage in to give them a break from their caring role and to meet other young carers.

The service offers a variety of support to the young people and their families;

  • 1-2-1 Support – with a project worker to talk about the impact of their caring role, to discuss future aspirations and develop an action plan based on assessed needs.
  • Group Work – this offers the young person the opportunity to meet other young people alike and share skills and experiences around being a carer. The group work often involves the young people meeting professional services that can offer additional support or training. The young people take part in leisure activities and get involved in planning future events.
  • Family Work– this is an additional service offered to the young adult carer that feels like the whole family could benefit from extra support. An appointed family worker will work alongside the family to offer support around current issues, benefit entitlement, access to services, family group work and activates.
  • Group Forums– regular forums built around the young adult carers were they can share an opportunity to become involved in decision making and developing current and future services.
  • Peer Mentoring– in-house training offered to the young adult carer to support further development skills and service involvement
  • Volunteering– Horizon offer volunteering opportunities to the young adult carer to help them gain skills and experience to develop their career pathway and to develop confidence.
  • Job Club workshop service– offering young adult carers the opportunity to develop employability skills and experience, job search, CV writing, interview techniques and a wide range of skills.
  • College Drop In’s– Drop In service working alongside a wide range of colleges, universities and One Point Service within Durham and Darlington.
  • Funding Opportunities- Horizon will support the young person in accessing and applying to support their caring role.
  • Open Referral Service- Horizon offer an open referral service were the individual can self-refer either by phone, email or post. Referrals can be made by family members or professionals working with the family or individual.

Carers Card- Horizon can offer the young person and their family the opportunity to access a Carer Card that can offer discounts throughout Durham and Darlington. A variety of Businesses has committed to this card and will honour discounts to carers.

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