Challenging Youth Racism

Designed to encourage community cohesion across multi-ethnic communities within the North East

Challenging Youth Racism

Working in partnership with Teesside University and funded via the Big Lottery Reaching Communities initiative, our innovative programme is designed to encourage community cohesion across multi-ethnic communities across the North East.

Hate crime can be hugely damaging for the victim, we provide education and support to reduce hate crime and the prevalence of youth racism in the North East. We will work in both a universal and targeted manner with young people across the area to;

  • identify key factors and influences which lead young people to adopt intolerant attitudes
  • target young people/localities who display racist or intolerant attitudes to ethnic minority groups
  • address fears and challenge misconceptions whilst sharing knowledge and understanding of other cultures
  • reduce hate crime, promote ethnic and religious tolerance, cooperation and the benefits of diverse communities

If you would like our experienced team to deliver an awareness session within your school, community group, youth club or similar environment please get in touch.

Here’s an example of the work we deliver


We are also seeking representation from BME groups on our management committee and would welcome any interested applicants.

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