Recovery Services for Drug and Alcohol

High quality, wrap around recovery support for adults and young people across the North.

Working with people’s strengths

DISC’s Drug  and Alcohol Recovery Services offers a recovery-based approach for adults and young people.

We use flexible, wrap-around services to focus on clients’ needs. We support them to reduce or end their substance misuse and to rebuild their lives.

Service users can access brief interventions and structured treatments. The recovery journey also draws upon our charity’s expertise in community and family work, residential rehabilitation, and employment support.

See our substance misuse case studies.

What we offer

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Treatment options include…

  • Psycho-Social interventions
  • Support to improve Community reintegration – helping people overcoming misuse or addiction problems to re-enter their local community.
  • Prescribed treatment and detoxification.
  • Access to residential rehabilitation.
  • Peer education and support programmes.
  • Counselling services.
  • Evidence-based structured intervention programmes, including group work and one-to-one sessions
  • Community prescribing/Medically Assisted Recovery.
  • Harm Reduction/Needle Exchange.
  • Outreach & Engagement.
  • Structured Interventions (Groupwork).
  • Support to improve housing, employment status.
  • Whole family approach.
  • Recovery accommodation and housing support.
  • Aftercare support and recovery networks.

We also offer criminal justice interventions to those offenders who are issued Drug Rehabilitation Requirements (DRR). Also,  Alcohol Treatment Requirements (ATR) sentences.

Our North Yorkshire Horizons project has led to a dramatic decrease in offences in Selby involving drug possession. This has been done through targeted partnership working with North Yorkshire Police.

A major provider of Recovery Services

We are an established provider of recovery-orientated Drugs & Alcohol Recovery Services and with Forward Leeds, we currently provide the second largest, integrated service in England.

To see service users and workers speak about the projects, watch our videos.

DISC youtubeSee Forward Leeds videos here.

See North Yorkshire Horizons videos here

See West Yorkshire Finding Independence (WY-FI) videos here

Read more about our integrated approach

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DISC has provided integrated substance misuse treatment and recovery services for both adults and young people across Northern England for over 20 years.

Well established

We deliver high quality, non-judgemental, safe services and environments which provide a range of treatment options and support to meet the needs of individuals – including for young people. Our ultimate aim for those affected by substance misuse is full recovery from dependency. We provide support at all stages of a person’s recovery journey.

Across our drug and alcohol integrated services in North Yorkshire, Leeds and Calderdale, we provided support for over 9,000 services users in 2015/16  and have been successful in supporting people to achieve recovery and improve their employment, housing, health and family situations.

Wrap-around services

We provide wrap-around services including:

  • Working alongside families, carers and loved ones.
    • Support to improve people’s financial and housing status.
    • Interventions and support to increase general health and well-being.
    • Activities that promote community and social inclusion.

Treating people as individuals

Talking to people about their goals and aspirations at the outset and agreeing a recovery journey for each individual stands at the heart of DISC’s approach. We believe in working to people’s strengths and planning to help them develop the personal and community support needed for long term change.

Family Interventions

We focus on early, evidence-based intervention and prevention support to reduce the number of children, young people and families affected by drug and/or alcohol misuse.Our bespoke interventions for families and children have been extremely successful in reducing the impact of substance misuse and increasing family cohesion.

Recovery Communities

In partnership with service users and other stakeholders, we have developed a range of recovery community initiatives including recovery hubs offering a safe meeting space where a range of services and activities can be offered. See our BRiCWorks scheme in Hull. A variety of events and activities are delivered through our recovery hubs.

Changing lives in Leeds

In Leeds, 70% of clients stopped or improved their use within 6 months of entering treatment.

82% of clients who needed support to improve family relationships, including parenting successfully improved their relationships.
77% of clients with a highlighted need in relation to their financial situation, successfully improved their financial position
80% of clients with a housing-related need successfully improved their housing situation

We have supported clients through successful alcohol and opiate detoxs, with a 90% success rate.

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