Health and Wellbeing

DISC works in partnership and consortium models to provide an holistic, comprehensive service tailored to the individual.

Delivering Health and Wellbeing services for many years

DISC’s Health and Wellbeing projects are regularly recommissioned. We’ve been delivering support and clinical intervention services for children, young people and adults for many years.

We help…

  • Adults with learning disabilities
  • Advocacy
  • Young people whose lives are effected by substance misuse
  • Young people in secure unit settings

Working in partnerships for our service users

Health and well-being services are usually commissioned by councils and we work very closely with them. DISC works closely. We develop and pilot new models of intervention.

We regularly work in partnership and consortium models.  It’s the way we do things across our charity work. and it means that we can draw on expertise and experience, often local experience to address the different, individual needs of our service users.

We take what’s known as an “asset-based” approach. We draw upon people’s strengths, their aspirations, their relationships within the community to achieve lasting resilience and outcomes.

DISC GOALs. Health and Wellbeing services

Psycho-social interventions

DISC uses different psycho-social intervention methods and models. They may include motivational interviewing, cognitive behaviour therapy and neuro-linguistic programming. Systemic families therapy model is used across our services.

Along with our asset-based approach to delivery, we maximise the benefits of  our health and wellbeing services. Service users feel more empowered. They feel more a part of the community. We’ve seen their self-esteem rise. We’re able to strengthen all-important coping mechanisms. And we help our service users find new ways to integrate with local people.

Here’s a great example of how we partner with local organisations in simple ways. It makes a real difference.

DISC youtube Health and WellbeingPlease see our GOALs youtube channel. You’ll see more examples of how we help.


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